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Slum Village “YES”  (2015) Ne’astra Music

* Love Is Feat Bilal & Illa J  (co-produced with J Dilla)

* Tear It Down Feat Jon Conner (co-produced J Dilla)

* Expressive Feat BJ The Chicago Kid & Illa J  (co-produced with J Dilla)

* Push It Along Feat Phife (A.T.C.Q)

* Windows Feat J Ivy (co-produced with J Dilla)

* Yes! (co-produced)

* Right Back Feat De La Soul (co-produced with J Dilla)

* Too Much (co-produced with J Dilla)

* Where We Come From

* What We Have (co-produced with J Dilla)


Slum Village “Vintage” (2014) Ne’astra Music/Yancey Media Group

* Yes Yes Remix Feat Jay Dee aka J Dilla (co-produced)

* Vibe


Slum Village “Evolution” (2013) Ne’astra Music

* Braveheart Feat Havoc

* Rock Rock

* Let It Go

* Forever (co-produced T3)

* Money

* The Line

* Hustle

* Bout Dat

* Greatness

* Riot


Mick Boogie Presents” Slum Village, Dirty Slums Vol.2 (2013) Ne’astra Music

* The World Is Yours Feat Baatin

* And We Go!!! Feat Fat Ray

* Decadence Feat Guilty Simpson

* Roit Feat Rapper Big Pooh & Joe Schuda

* Gangster B*tch Demark Vessy

* Greatness

* Hustle

* Straight From The Vil

* Nightmares (No Mas)

* Look At Yo Face

* How It Feel

* We Gone Feat

* Un Fuc Witable Feat Clear Soul Forces

* Exodus Feat Focus


“Mick Boogie Presents” Slum Village, Dirty Slums Vol.1 (2012) Ne’astra Music

*Intro *

* God Sent (f/ Rapper Big Pooh & Vice)

* Just The Past (f/ Big Sean & Black Milk) *

* Music (f/ Focus…)

* Slum Talks About The Evolution

* Hunger (f/ Vice & Focus…)

* Church (f/ Focus…)

* Fresh (f/ Rapper Big Pooh & Vice)

* Turnin’ Me Off (f/ De La Soul)

* Slum Talks About Native Tongues

* Beats and Breaks

12. Slum Village: Special (f/ Phonte)

* Slum Talks About The Legacy

* They Don’t Know (f/ Vice & J Ivy)

* Mortal Kombat (f/ Vice & DJ Bonics)

* Slum Talks About The Future

* Da Essence (f/ Vice)

* Reppin’



T3 of Slum Village Presents “3iller” (2011) Ne’astra Music

* Intro

* Give Me a Beat

* Hello World

* Moto Freaks


Slum Village “Villa Manifesto” (2010)  Ne’astra Music/E1

* Bare Witness (co-produced with Krysis)

* Scheming

* Flynn

* Faster

* 2000 Beyond

* Um Um

* The Reunion Pt. 2

* Where Do We Go From Here

* Stereo

* Dope Man

Illa J “4 Past Midnite” (2010) Ne’astra Music



*Day 2 Nite



Jstrumentals (2009) Ne’astra Music

*Time Shift

*Rip Off The Roof


*What U Be Like

*Gut Ripper

*Ahh Ahh

*All of Y’all

*Stomp Down



*1000 Nigg@s





Slum Village “Prequel To A Classic” (2005) Barak Records

*Get Ya Papper

*Can I Be Me

*Ez Up (co-produced with Black Milk

*It’z Your World (co-produced with J Dilla)

*Time Travel

*Ghetto Movies (co-produced with Black Milk)

*Up (co-produced with Black Milk)


Young RJ “Dirty District Vol. 3” (2005) Barak Records


*Welcome To The District Feat Black Milk


*My Hustle

*Scandal Feat Baatin


*Count Back Feat Dwele

*Zero Gravity Bishop Lament


*Tru Story Pt. 2 feat Phat Kat


*Cold Blooded Muther feat Al Hudson

*Yo Mother Body

*Now We Gone Feat Black Milk

*I Thought I Told You Feat Proof (D-12)




Slum Village Slum Village LP (2005) Barak Records


*Can I be Me

*Call Me (co-produced with Black Milk) Feat Dwele


*1,2 (co-produced with Moss)

*Multiply (co-produced with Black Milk)

*Def Do Us

*Ez Up (co-produced with Black Milk) Feat Dwele



Slum Village Detroit Deli (2004) Barak Records/Capital Records


*Dirty Feat Ol Dirty Bastard

*Closer Feat Dwele

*Ol’ Girl (co-produced with Black Milk)

*Keep Holding On

*The Hours

*Count The Ways

*Reunion (co-produced with Black Milk)


BR Gunna  “Dirty District Vol. 2” (2004) Barak Records


*Do Ya Thang Feat J Dilla

*Don’t Hang Up


*Motor Boyz

*Number 1

*Dat’s Fa Sho


*Man Up

*Get Dat Dough


*Mu Freestyle

*Stupid Feat J Dilla

*True Story feat Phat Kat

*Somthin Good feat The Dramtics

*Hip Hop




Phat Kat The Undeniable LP (2004) Barak Records

*It’z a Rap (co-produced with Black Milk)

*Shake Shake

*Polo Shirt

*True Story

*Big Booties (co-produced with J Dilla)

*Red Alert

*1000 Niggaz


Calvin Richardson 2:35 PM (2003)  Hollywood Records

*You Got Me High Feat Slum Village

*Put My Money On You

Slum Village “Dirty District Vol. 1”  (2002) Barak Record/ Sequence Records



*Shut Shit Down


*Throw That D

*Cock Suckers

*Big Fella


*Dirty District Theme (co-produced)


Slum Village “Past, Present, Future” (2002) Barak Records/Capital Records

*La La (co- produced wiith Waajeed) Uncredited

*All-Ta-Ment  (co-produced with T3)

*Disco (co-produced with T3)


*Fall In Love Bonus


Single Production


* Litlle Brother  -What we are, Left Back (2010) Hall of Justus

* Rapper Big Pooh - Zone Out, Fat Boy Fresh (2010)

* Rapper Big Pooh -State of the Union, The Delightful Bars (2009)

* Rapper Big Pooh -Nothing Less  feat.  K-Dot, Jay Rock, Ab Soul,  The Delightful Bars (2009)

* De La Soul –Forever, Are You In? (2009) Nike

* De La Soul - Morning Rise, Are You In? (2009) Nike

* 50 Cent -London Girl Part 2, Forever King Mixtape (2009) G Unit

* Rapper Big Pooh - Get It In, Single  (2009) Ne’astra Music

* Rapper Big Pooh – People (2009) Barak Records

* Dwele -interpretations: Celebrating The Music Of Earth, Wind & Fire (2007)    Stax Records

*Ray J -What I Need  Official MotorCity remix, Single (2006) Sacutary

* Young Buck - Push em Back, Buck The World (2006) G Unit/Interscope Records

* Lloyd Banks – Survival, Rotten Apple (2006) G Unit/Interscope Records

* Proof (D 12) – Purple Gang, Seaching For Jerry Garcia (2005) Iron Fist Records

* Proof (D12) -Girls with the Boom, Seaching For Jerry Garcia (2005) Iron Fist Records

* Proof (D12)- I Thought I told you, Dirty District Vol 3 (2005) Barak Records

* J Dilla -  Do Ya Thang, Dirty District Vol 2 (2004) Barak Records

* Rhian Benson -The way that i feel Remix, Single (2004) DKG Mus


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